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The Mauritian Muslim Meetup Group is dedicated towards promoting co-operation and a sense of togetherness among Mauritian's and above all promotes cross culture dialogue and to unite Mauritians' wheather your in London, Mauritius or in another part of the world.

The ethos of this group is to facilitate social and business networking, among fellow Mauritian's. Meeting people should be more fun in a relaxed, friendly environment.  We want to provide a platform for Mauritian’s to interact, network and mingle with each other. 

The Meetups will always be informal and involve fun activities like bowling, pool, cinema, eating out, theatre or day trips. I have lots of ideas and open to any suggestions about activities or events. I would even love to provide a platform for Mauritian’s to showcase their Business or work if you are talented I would love to hear from you and more than welcome to join our Group.  

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Zafirah - London
Thank you, I am very grateful for all you have done for us.

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